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Salesforce Professional Services

Salesforce Implementation for New Deployments


It's a very exciting moment as you've taken an outstanding decision to use Salesforce.Congratulations, you've picked World's #1 CRM for your business.So what next? How many times has your team implemented Salesforce? Don't have a failed start. Mindlinks professionals have implemented a huge number of Salesforce Sales Cloud, Service Cloud,Analytics Cloud, and Community Cloud projects since 2010.It's more affordable than you think to have your implementation managed professionally.Please fill up the contact form to schedule your free scope call and find out how much it will cost and how long it will take.

Salesforce Implementation for Active Deployments

Mindlinks quickly understands and offers rapid-response as to what drives your business.This makes us consultants first & technologists next. Thereby, We become a valuable member of your team.

For deployments that go beyond the basics of Sales Cloud or, we've assembled an expanded support (Multi-Cloud Platform to reduce licensing cost) to fully leverage your investment in your Salesforce solutions.We add more data service tools, development services and third party application Solutions from Mindlinks passes the following benefits to each & every client namely :

  • > Technical Health Check with Score Card
  • > Recommended Action Plan
  • > Pay monthly instead of upfront
  • > Lowest hourly support rate and quick response
  • > Easy-to-budget monthly options
  • > OwnBackup daily backup service

Custom App Development

Native applications on the platform share Salesforce objects, eliminating the ongoing need for the continual development of connectors and APIs. More importantly, our native implementation is “implementation friendly”.That is, if your customer has other native Salesforce apps running on their systems, then you automatically integrate with them,reducing your total cost of ownership for your customer and reducing the signature-to-cash timeframe. For your sales and financial teams that are focused on compressing the signature-to-cash cycle, eliminating backlogs, and accelerating revenue recognition, using our integration services team can accomplish all of those in short order. We are also ever mindful of the need for “stickiness” of your app and the fact that the more internal systems with which your app is integrated, the more difficult it will be for any customer to cancel their subscription.That’s what true partners do – make sure that your revenue is protected.

Rolling out to appexchange market place

Infinite resources.Is there really such a thing when addressing product development,QA testing, security validation, AppExchange listing? Believe it or not, our customers think so. Statistically, 50% of security approvals necessary for AppExchange release fail when performed by an ISV, delaying that most important product/revenue launch, in some cases by months.

Integration & Implementations

For many of our customers staffing their professional services team at optimal levels is a true challenge – too few and they end up managing customer complaints, rollout backlogs, and delayed revenue recognition; too many and they are paying for people to sit on the bench, just in case. Some have decided that they will rely on their customers’ technical teams to perform implementations; yet others want to provide full implementation and integration services, but only through third parties.

In all cases we can help. If you just need to boost your team’s efforts to meet a temporary demand, we can provide staff augmentation services. If you are looking to accelerate revenue recognition and help your customers get up and running quickly, that’s what we do. If you are looking for a partner that understands your business, your application, and your customers, look no further. For many of our customers, their development teams are much more effective working on core applications than on the “grunt work” of integration. That’s where we help your team focus on its core competencies and not get distracted by delivery tasks.

QA Automation

We start with test cases, test plans, test scripts, and validate on all platforms: browser, mobile, desktop, hybrid cloud environments, and packaged enterprise applications, using simple text values, application-internal properties, or images – all through your GUI. We establish regression testing in continuous build environments to uncover new software bugs much faster and to reduce the costs of fixing them – especially key in an agile development environment. Not just one or the other, we do both functional test and load testing.

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