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Payment Solution: 

  • Mindlinks Payment solution helps small and medium businesses to adopt for new ways of accepting payments from the customers with ease and flexibility.
  • Current challenges includes dealing with Express checkout type of solutions where the Online Merchants/Traders do not have flexibility when it comes to handling the payments.
  • Mindlinks has packaged solution for payments which can integrate seamlessly with popular payment vendors like Paypal, Stripe, Braintree and Authorize .NET to build the payment services.
  • This will enable the SMB to capture the card, store the card securely as per PCI compliance, do auto renewal, Refunds, Adhoc payments, Charge the stored card anytime as per the need.
  • Our payment solution extended for Mobile where you can handle from Mobile devices securely as per PCI compliance and accepts payments with ease.

Mobile Solution: 

  • Mindlinks offers wide range of solutions options on Mobile, we provide options to build native IOS and Android apps v/s an Hybrid version based on the business need.
  • Our Mobile solution leverages Salesforce platform has a cloud database connecting seamlessly between the Mobile app and the Salesforce platform.
  • This helps to build the business applications securing the data on the cloud, accept payments from Mobile device and extend the solution to other areas.

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