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About Mindlinks Solution

At Mindlinks, we focus on building next generation solutions leveraging Cloud and Mobile technologies enabling our customers to reap the benefits of latest technologies. Some of our expertise on cloud platforms includes Salesforce / force.com , Google Apps / Google App Engine, Amazon Web service and Private Cloud platforms.

Cloud based solution enables companies to reduce cost, build applications rapidly, easy to run and maintain applications. For Small and mediums businesses, Cloud solutions offers end to end quick and cost effective solutions with zero infrastructure investment. We offer end to end solution and service on Cloud which enables our customers to focus on the business while we take care of the IT needs.

Try our free of cost Consulting Kit to see how your company can embrace the cloud and mobile and take advantage of latest technologies that offers.

cloud starter Kit

Based on our experience, we have seen our customer asking for right set of cloud packages to choose based on the solutions that they need.

Cloud Consulting Kit

As cloud offers solutions with different platforms and vendors, making right choice at the beginning is crucial for moving to cloud beneficial and getting optmized solution and the cost.

Our Solutions

We are focused on building cloud and mobile based solution in the areas of Web Applications,Business Process Automation, Web content Applications,Mobile based applications, Collaboration and others.

Our Services

Our service model enables customer to focus on business while we take care of IT to build, run and Maintain the applications. We provide end to end Services which includes Consulting, Implementation, Managed Support.